jeudi 24 janvier 2013

Snow tyres in the UK?

With all the snow that Blighty has suffered in recent weeks, I wonder why snow tyres aren't yet a legal requirement in winter in the UK as they are in France and Switzerland.
There's no doubt that snow tyres can give as much grip as that experienced  in a 4*4 and there would be a significant saving on salt needed to grit the roads whenever snow is forecast.
'But we're not as cold as France or Switzerland?' I hear you cry.
Generally, the cold in the UK is damper than in northern parts of continental Europe and melts quicker but in recent years - 2011, in particular - the snow lay on the ground for at least a week at the end of November.
Driving in the snow is frightening enough with snow tyres, especially when descending a steep hill, which may also be icy.  You just have to forget your brake!
Any measures to make the use of the roads safer in winter  should be adopted and made a legal requirement. Driving on summer tyres in winter is madness...