vendredi 4 mars 2011


Finished the editing work, which I do on a freelance basis for an international NGO based in Paris. All about coal-fired power stations. Wouldn't set the world alight, but quite interesting.

After dropping Lexi, my wife, off at the bus this morning a lorry almost hit me on a bend on the hill back up. Road hog was right over the white line and I had to brake suddenly to avoid him hitting me and my careering into a concrete wall. When in France..............generally the standard of driving here is very poor as they drive too fast and don't anticipate.....
Anyway, back to my creative writing next week!
Then Chelsea v. Blackpool on Monday evening. My heart wept when the two teams met in the September clash as the youngest of the three sons of a soldier who'd recently been killed in Afghanistan was Blackpool's mascot; his Dad was a keen supporter. I wished Blackpool would have won that day and wondered whether Chelsea would have let them. But life's not like that, sadly.

Nothing, most of all the Premiership, really matters in such circumstances. Bringing comfort to those whose lives have been shattered by tragedy and helping them to move on is much more important!

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