mardi 15 mars 2011


The season has definitely changed from winter to spring, but we shall see whether a final cold snap awaits. Certainly not as good watching Ice Road Truckers with outside night temperatures of 9 C.

Can Chelsea finish of Copenhagen tomorrow night? Moan Utd tonight so I won't be watching.
England RFU performance v. Scotland last Saturday was decidedly dull and the Scots were a trifle unlucky. Ireland in Dublin won't be a push-over either , unless England raise their game substantially. World Cup Finalists in November? The doubts are now creeping in?

But we have the whole summer to look forward to before we're freezing by the fireside again. The smell of freshly cur grass... oh lummy, the hay fever season fast approaches!

But considering the current tragic happenings in Tokyo, if you have spare change in your pocket, a meal to eat at night and a bed to sleep in then you are truly blessed.

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